Lite Haus Galerie

Collective Exhibition "Chilean conexion"

Berlin, October 2020

Collective exhibition "Re-shaping landscapes"

BCI and VitrinaLab 

Miami, January 2020 

Untitled Art fair

Booth Galeria Isabel Aninat

Miami, December 2019


Collective Exhibition "Chilean conexion"

Berlin, September 2019

Galeria Isabel Aninat

Solo show "Mirame sin mirar"

Santiago de Chile, Mayo 2019

Gallery Mario Kreuzberg 

Collective exhibition "Under the W"

Berlin, April 2019

Gallery Mario Kreuzberg

Collective exhibition "Opium Abend"

Berlin, December 2016

ZK/U Berlin

Collective exhibition ZK

Berlin, September 2015

Galeria Gold

Solo show "Germina"

Berlin, June 2015

Casa Núcleo

Collective exhibition "Trifurcación"

Santiago de Chile, October 2014

Galeria Abraxas

Solo show "Miope"

Santiago de Chile, May 2013