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The collective unconscious holds the structure that defines my painting. The common identity, implicit in everyday life, a silent and almost imperceptible quintessential constant. That precise fragment of second is the core of my imagery, which becomes a sort of manifesto, a quasi-study on behaviour that alludes to social but not branded topics.


We live subjected to an endless visual design, where a superficial perfection rules, an empty final product that has become part of our everyday language. The look I am pursuing, and the idea I suggest is detached from that pattern.

In my work, the subject is not aware of being under observation, but fully immersed in his natural state. To look without being looked at, to be perceived without knowing it in an untouchable, casual and honest nature.


I  attempt to uncover small symbolic fragments of irrelevant beauty and communicate them to the viewer. Pieces that  secretly reserve the ecstasy of existence which can reincarnate perhaps a forgotten single memory lost in time, and reveal it.

-Kira Piriz

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